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Make your body your gym! I’m a former heavyweight boxer for Grenada with Olympic-level experience. I’ve taken my boxing background and developed my own, unique cardio fitness style. photo 1-10 IMG_0538 Cover with Ad

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BodySensei in New York City

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My friends! I am BodySensei® Andy Grant. I was a heavyweight Olympic-level boxer for Grenada and have developed my own, unique fitness style called BodySensei. I’ve been teaching for over a decade. I work with people of all ages and fitness levels to reform your mind & body.

Remember when you were 10 years and had all the energy in the world? You can get that energy and feeling again! Join me today for a private session or group class. Make your body your gym! No weights, no equipment, just be ready to use your body and sweat.

Contact me today:
(917) 951-6240 or


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My Experience

aaaaaOver the past ten years, I have been helping people around the world improve their health and fitness, lose weight, and master their mind & body. My BodySensei workout will make you feel stronger, faster, and fitter.     bsaamaster

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Master Mind & Body for Success!


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Master your Mind & Body


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